Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Month

Beginning of the month and the year is almost over. This year has gone fast I think. A lot for me has changed. I have made some new friends and drifted away from old friends. Not so much drifted as dropped off. We all try to keep ourselves motivated and going forward. It may be dreams, or ideas, or activities that create that motivation. Hopefully whatever it is for you it can be shared with a friend. That is the best thing in the world.

Friendship is some what like a marriage in that it has to be nurtured. If one person in the relationship has to work harder (or thinks they work harder) than the other then it tends to fall apart. Friends make time for each other. I guess I am destined to have but a few friends at any one time. When I make plans: I make them with that person or persons. I prefer small groups of people I know perhaps not well; but I am comfortable with and can talk to. I have never been comfortable talking to people I do not know at all.

I guess at this age not much will change and I have decided that friendship needs to be a partnership of give and take. And more importantly when time is set aside to get together and visit that it should be considered a commitment with enough value that it is kept. I guess value is the operative word here. In friendship one must feel their value in the relationship.

I am off to San Diego next week on business and next Saturday I will have some of my art in a group show. Yes I am excited; however I am trying to keep a low profile. It is my first show and I am not sure how it will all turn out. Fortunately another artist in the group show is a friend of mine and that is a bit calming. We will stand around and look goofy together (sorry Janet).

I am hoping to take pictures and post. Actually the last two pieces in the “Lil Monster” series I created I didn’t get pictures taken. I will take them at the gallery. I am also scheduled to paint a mural on the bathroom wall of a friend. I was supposed to go over yesterday; however both she and her husband had a cold. I didn’t want to chance it. I have to much going on right now.

The piece pictured here will be in the show in December with the Swell Sister Society. It is 100% reused materials. I love that abut it..

Quote for the day: Cherish your vision and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; they are blueprints of your ultimate achievements. – Napoleon Hill

Northern California, United States