Monday, October 10, 2011

Been busy showing my house to people looking to buy. It is a buyers market; however I am sure it will sell. I am in an older area of my town and it is a very quiet street. Not far from the historic area.

I have been checking out mobile home parks. And I have pretty much decided to go to a senior park. I think I can find a pretty decent home in my meager price range. There will activities for us old folks and I will meet people my own age. I think it will be a good fit. I just need a solid offer on this house.

I have been trying to weed out stuff I don't need and get rid of it or get it to the local Goodwill or Snowline Hospice Thrift Stores. I have been here 17 years and I have acquired a lot of stuff over the years plus I still have some of my daughters things. It will all work out in the end.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I spent the day gathering the paperwork to submit to my bank for the sale of my house. I am going through a short sale on the property. I tried to refinance my interest only loan and found that I was 40 thousand plus dollars in the hole. No one will refinance me. Perhaps it is best. I need less work and time consuming property.

I had one offer the day it was listed and second offer a few days later. We took the second offer since it was a bit more than the listed price. My house was listed at what I paid for it back in 1994. That is a crying shame. Now we will see if the bank will accept the offer.

I am not sure where I will be going. Hopefully not to an apartment. I am looking into buying a mobile home in a senior mobile home park; however financing will be hard at best. I need to come up with some money. Maybe I can rob a bank. LOL

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It has been about two years since I have posted and I am wondering what I have been doing since December 2009. Anything interesting?

I don't think I have done much of anything at all. I retired and thought I would get busy with art and that isn't the case. I have done a few things and shown a couple of times; but nothing relevant. My youngest daughter moved out and I changed her room into my studio. So much room and so little art done. I am not sure why. I guess I am just not the artist I thought I should be or wanted to be or, or.....

I guess this blog will help me find what I am doing with my art and my life. I don't have any followers so I can say what I want and the devil be damned. LOL. I guess maybe this is what I need right now.
Northern California, United States