Sunday, July 26, 2009

My goal was to update my blog at least once a month and I find now maybe once a week is doable. I will wait and see. I am not changing the goal as yet; but may exceed it.

Since my last blog I spent a long weekend in Mendocino with my Swell Sisters. It was our summer retreat. Retreat is an interesting word and I may have thought that the weekend would be spent together discussing or collaborating on art. However I think retreat to the others meant to to just get away with women friends.

I discovered at this weekend that I may be in the wrong woman's group. Not because the women are not wonderful and accepting: they truly are very accepting. It is because they are so much younger than I am. Most are in their thirties and forties and I am in my sixties. Once we move beyond art as a topic or interest I am lost. Perhaps it is me and I am feeling my age.

I think we go a long time and don't think about our age even though we look in the mirror everyday. Then we are in a situation and it hits us in the face. I am not ready to drop out of the group; but perhaps limit my participation.

Enough thinking. Mendocino is beautiful. If I could move there tomorrow I would. I like the coolness of the day and the big fire at night. (no heat in the 1850's house) Interestingly I had never been to Mendocino until June 20th when I went to the Art Center there for a workshop. I am going again the first weekend in August for a workshop. Three visits in three months. Maybe that is a sign.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today is Saturday and of course I am off work. I word for the state and will be furloughing two days a month starting next month. We are a little behin=d many of the other state folks. The CSU put it off and can't any longer. We are almost 600 million le4ss in funding than the previous year. It is bad. the campuses are not accepting any more students for spring (or winter for those on the quarter system). I try not to think about it because I have not control. Why worry about what I cannot control.

On a lighter note: I went to Port Townsend last April and it was beautiful. I actually went for an Art Fest put on each year by Teesha and Tracy Moore. Three days of workshops and we stayed at the fort for four nights. Too Cool! Very basic accommodations but so much fun. Like being in the college dorm. The woman across from me was from Norway, two doors down they were from Canada and I met a woman from Ashland Oregon on the way up. We all had a wine social at night with show and tell about our workshop we participated in that day. I hope to go again next spring We will see if I can afford it. I think it is very affordable for what you get; however if you don't have the money then nothing is affordable.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Beginning

I am baaaack! Where have I been? I really don’t know. I haven’t been blogging that is for sure.

I just felt I didn’t have anything to say on a regular basis. I don’t consider myself a writer or a chatterer. I am not the person that walks up to strangers and carries on a conversation. This is not to say that I do not communicate because I do.

I guess it boils down to the fact that I do not consider myself interesting enough to blog about ME. However I am trying to change my attitude about myself.

So is blogging doable? Yes: people do it every day.
Am I capable? Sure: I am physically able to type and spell words.

I have decided at this point to at least update my blog once a month. I know die hard bloggers out there are saying “A MONTH!” However that is the minimum and when I do more than I have exceeded my goal. That is a great motivator I think.

Anyway here goes: recently I have been concentrating my art on print making. I took a beginning print class in the fall of 08. We started with linoleum cuts and I really like the reductive cut process; however the printing part is where I really need the practice. I also got involved with spray paint and stencils. (I am still not sure how that related to print making in a print class.) I love the variety art allows us and plan to continue spray painting in the future. I am not keen on the toxicity of the paint and fumes; however I like the process.

I really think process is the key. If you don’t like the process you won’t continue.

I took a print lab class and it was basically independent study. The group was very diverse in print making and I was able to get a lot of good information and help from others in the class. I love the synergy in an art class and I was introduced to wood cuts, silk screen, etching, collagraphs, and monotype. I felt like I needed to be a sponge in the class because there is so little print making being done in the Sacramento area. At least that I can find.

I am continuing with collagraphs and monotype at home and want to do more dry point etching. There is just not enough time in the day.
Northern California, United States